Martial Arts Info

Rapier Combat

In Light Combat, also known as Rapier combat, you can learn the skills of an accomplished and celebrated martial art. Combined with difficult and quick movements, intricately designed and dashingly displayed clothing, and a deep and respected knowledge of the tradition and structure that goes along with Rapier combat; Rapier is simply, fantastic!

Heavy Combat

Whether you are interested in strapping on a large, or small, suit of armor, and smashing and slashing you way through a list of contenders, or a line of warriors eager to claim your death as their prize (figuratively), Heavy combat continues to awe and inspire those who watch it.

With many kingdoms only allowing the winner of the Crown Tournament Heavy Combat Championship to ascend to the throne as King; many see heavy combat as either a way to climb the ranks of the social ladder within the SCA, or a way to better themselves physically and mentally within a martial heritage that spans centuries of proven tradition.


If the sword is not for you, then perhaps the arrow? Within the Society exists the time honored tradition of Archery. Handed down and taught to generations innumerable, the skill and utility of being proficient with a Bow and Arrow, for means of self defense, hunting and surviving, and even sport, is more than worth the excuse needed to teach ones self the skill.

Youth Armored Combat League

Do your children have a love for the medieval arts? Do they wish they could fight alongside knights and kings alike? Well, within the SCA exists a growing and prospering initiative: The Youth Armored Combat League. Children under the age of 16 may compete in this armored combat arena. You will find children of all shapes and sizes swinging away at each other, utilizing padded foam swords mind you, in an attempt to carve out their own historical dream.

Many children go on to participate in Heavy Armored combat when they come of age 16, or some even begin their martial progression down the path of Rapier combat at the age of 14. Whatever path they decide to choose, the Society for Creative Anachronism and all of its participants happily encourages them, while cheering from the sideline!